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Summer Umrah Tours

To begin with, we are visiting Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), insha Allah. We listened to the feedback from our customers and we have decided to return the Umrah and Saudi/Dubai Family Tour as it was a few years back.


We are visiting, for the first time, one of the 981 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As of 2013, there were only 759 cultural World Heritage Sites. Al ‘Ula sector of Saudi Arabia holds one of them. It was mentioned in the Glorious Quran as Al Hijr. It is often called Mada’in Saleh. Come and behold the spectacle of rocks into which homes, palaces, meeting halls and tombs carved.


We will be at the seaside in Dubai where you can make your own barbecue.  The Global Village will make you want to stay longer.  A new aspect is the yacht cruise that promises to be exciting. Other staples of our yearly tours remain as before.


DAY 1 (10th April-11th April)




We will take off to the airport in Abuja from the National Mosque as usual. Please be sure to be at the venue at the designated time. Please ensure you read all materials we give you to acquaint yourself with our movement. Our flight will be on Egypt Air. Flight times will be communicated later.

National Mosque (Abuja)

DAY 2 & 3

DAYS 2 AND 3 (11th-13th April)




After the transit period in Cairo, we will arrive in Madeenah today and proceed directly to Al ‘Ula sector, a town about 4 hours’ drive from Madeenah. This town houses one of the most important landmarks of human history, the Mada'in Saleh. It was home of the Thamud civilization. Accounts from the Qur’an place the settlement of the area by the Thamud people after Noah but before Moses, which can be interpreted as the 3rd millennium BC. According to the Islamic texts, Allah punished the Thamudis, who would carve out homes in the mountains, for their persistent practice of idol worship, the non-believers being struck by a sound wave.

You will see how these folks were blessed with the skills to carve homes into mountains but nonetheless worship idols in place of the One who gave them the skills.

We shall stay at Al Ula Arac Resort Hotel. In the morning, we will drive about 25 kilometres to Mada'in Saleh. This will take us the greater part of the day. We shall return to Al Ula for dinner and prepare to check out for our journey next day to Madeenah.



DAY 4 (13th – 14th April)




This morning, we arrive at the beautiful city of the Noble Prophet (PBUH) where we have quite a number of activities. First, we check in at the Madinah Hilton Hotel, rest a while then we go for ziyaarah, the international book exhibition and exhibition of the history of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In the evening, we will return to the hotel for dinner and get set to check out of the hotel in the morning. Please do not forget to take your bath for Umrah and wear your ihram dress from the hotel; details of what to do are already in the handbook we will give you. We will head to the meeqaat where everyone shall make intention for Umrah.


DAY 5 & 6

DAYS 5 AND 6 (14th- 15th April)




When we reach Makkah, we will check into the hotel (Mövenpick) and proceed to perform Umrah. After Umrah, we have quite a number of places to visit. We shall be touring the hajj rite sites of Minaa, Arafah and Muzdalifah as well as the museum of the relics of the Ka’abah.

The next day, we will travel to Taa’if where long ago the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was stoned by idolaters. We will then return and to Makkah where we shall have dinner and get ready to check out the next day.

Do not forget to use your luggage tags and make sure you have left nothing behind in the room.


HOTEL Mövenpick

DAY 7 - 10

DAYS 7, 8, 9 AND 10 (16th-20th April)




We shall fly to Dubai on Fly Dubai Airline. We will check in at the hotel (Flora Park Hotel) and rest. We shall visit many fun places and shop over a 4-day period. Some of the places we are visiting are the Global Village (a theme park fashioned to highlight world cultures), The Dolphinarium (watch dolphins and seals do incredible things), the Zoo, beachfront and desert safari. We shall also do a cruise dinner aboard a yacht.


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