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1. All payments by the pilgrim to the agent shall be made into the designated bank’s account of the Agent to be given to the pilgrim. The Agent’s staffs do not collect cash and payment of cash is strictly prohibited. Pilgrim should ensure that he/she gets the Agent’s official receipt for every payment made.


2. The pilgrim shall not pay into any of the Agent’s accounts until he/she has been cleared to pay and this is in the mutual interest of both parties.



3. Pilgrim shall complete all payments before all travel documents are presented to him/her by the Agent. Under no circumstance will a pilgrim get travel documents without complete payments.


4. The Agent reserves the right to increase the price of its package if a situation warrants it. Where this happens, the pilgrim will be notified.


5. NOW it is further agreed as follows:

The Agent or its staff shall not be responsible for any negligence that results in any sort of inconvenience to the pilgrim in the course of the pilgrimage if the negligence was not the fault of the Agent or its staff.


6. Where any default is proven to be the fault of the Agent’s staff, the extent of its liability to the pilgrim is refund of the principal sum paid to the Agent less a 10% ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGE.


7. Any complete refund mentioned on the brochure is understood by both parties to mean the total amount paid by the pilgrim less a 10% administrative charge.


8. Any ticket refund is handled by the airline; the Agent does NOT pay refunds on tickets until the airline pays.


9. There is NO REFUND on group tickets unless the trip was aborted through Agent's fault.



10. The Agent reserves the right to alter its travel dates and check in dates where it deems such an action to be in the best interest of the pilgrim. This shall be done with prior notification to the pilgrim.


11. Any room option on the brochure is subject to availability after the planning of the rooming list. Where the room option the pilgrim wants is not available, the pilgrim will be requested to downgrade or upgrade to the next available room option. This will be done after consulting with the pilgrim. Where it is an upgrade, the pilgrim will pay the difference and if it is a downgrade, the Agent will refund the difference.



12. The Agent’s staffs are not porters and should not be looked upon to carry luggage for the pilgrim. The Agent’s staff may help pilgrim at their sole discretion.


13. The information in the brochure is correct as at the time of issuance. Any alteration resulting from events or policies not within Agent’s control thereafter shall not be blamed on it and does not attract any refund unless in the unlikely event of not providing a suitable and commensurate alternative.

14. The extent of the Agent’s liability in the unlikely event that the pilgrim's luggage is missing while in the exclusive custody of one of the Agent’s staff is as stipulated by the Warsaw Convention as amended by the Hague Protocol: US$26 per kilogramme for checked luggage and US$514 per pilgrim in the case of hand luggage.


15. Where the government of Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or any transit country refuse the pilgrim entry due to a visa on his/her international passport, the affected pilgrim will not be refunded in part or in full by the Agent.



16. Any destination mentioned in the package, which is cancelled by the government officials in Saudi Arabia without adequate notification from the said officials is not the Agent's fault and will not attract any refund pilgrim.


17. An abrupt change of mind by the pilgrim resulting in the cancellation of any trip less than four weeks to the departure date will not attract a refund. If payment was done less than four weeks to departure, any cancellation by the intending pilgrim will not attract a refund by default.



18. Delays in getting visas from the Saudi Embassy in Nigeria, which can cause a delay in flight date or time is not Agent's fault and will not attract any refund.


19. The Saudi Embassy now requires all pilgrims to appear in person at their Visa Service Centre (VSC), run by VFS Tasheel, for biometric enrolment before each trip to Saudi Arabia. The enrolment is by appointment and as such, any failure to be at the VSC on the appointed date and time is the sole responsibility of the intending pilgrim and the Agent will not be held liable for any default in this regard and its likely attendant effect on travel dates. The service charge paid at the VSC is the responsibility of the intending pilgrim. The extent of the Agent's involvement with the VSC is to book an appointment for the pilgrim.



20. All service fees in Saudi Arabia are paid way ahead of the pilgrims' arrival and the service providers do not refund them; the Agent shall only honour any refund claim where it was its fault.


21. The pilgrim shall not pay into the Agent’s bank accounts until the Agent has cleared the pilgrim and the Agent should be contacted before making a payment.

The Agent absolves itself and its staff of any blame in the unlikely event that the pilgrim is deemed to have committed an offence according to the laws of any of the countries they visit through the Agent.


22. Failure of the pilgrim to read these terms and conditions is not an excuse to demand a refund, the pilgrim is hereby advised to read this agreement.



23. Apart from single occupancy options, any other room option is subject to the availability of other intending pilgrims willing to pay for the same option. Otherwise, the pilgrim will be advised to choose the next available option.

24. The pilgrim’s passports and payments must be in the Agent’s office latest one week for Umrah or one month for Hajj before the pilgrim’s departure date.


25. The pilgrim shall ascertain that all the information in his/her international passport is correct, with at least 6 months validity by his/her departure date and without any hindering documents for his/her trip like an Israeli visa or stamp. Also, avoid traveling with anything having Jewish inscriptions on them.



26. The Agent reserves the right to refuse service to a paying pilgrim if the pilgrim behaves in a manner that is adjudged rude and uncivil towards other pilgrims and Agent's staff.


27. The Pilgrim shall ensure that he/she uses the Agent’s Pilgrim ID Card accordingly.



28. The pilgrim’s children and infants on pilgrimage must have separate international passports.


29. All rooms are double occupancy by default. Any additional occupancy will be based on availability and any extra bed may be smaller than the original two beds, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If the hotel chosen by the agent for the pilgrims has no further accommodation, the agent shall provide accommodation in another hotel with similar standard to the one earlier chosen for the pilgrims.

30. The Pilgrim must notify the Agent’s doctor of any unusual or militating medical conditions. This is to help the pilgrim in case of emergencies.


31. Pilgrim should avoid using the chain lock on the inside part of his/her room doors when alone and when the pilgrim is sharing a room, it is not allowed for whatever reason.



32. The pilgrim’s children must be accompanied by either a parent or a guardian and parents and guardians are primarily responsible for maintaining discipline and order among their children/wards. The Agent will not be responsible for the movements of any child outside the itinerary of the package. Exceptions to this will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.


33. Hajj dates are flexible, as they depend on moon sighting. They are not exact. Any date in Dhul Hijjah can differ by a day both ways. The dates used for the itinerary are therefore subject to moon sighting.



34. The Saudi Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs issued a new directive on 14th December 2017 forbidding taking photographs and recording videos within the two holy mosques in Madeenah and Makkah respectively. This also includes their roofs. In the light of this, pilgrim should kindly keep his/her camera phones and cameras away. These items may be impounded by the security operatives guarding the mosques.

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