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MD's Words


Last year's Hajj left a bitter taste on the palate of some pilgrims, especially in the Mashaa'ir; thanks to the reasonable judgement of these Hujjaaj, they absolved Comerel of all blame in the incident. Since we started Hajj operations about two decades ago, we have never repeated a mistake or received the same complaint twice. Our services are evolving constantly, addressing the needs of our pilgrims and improving standards. Thus, our pilgrims will have a different experience in 2024 than the Mashaa'ir disappointment of Hajj 2023.  


The current Brochure has several packages for Ramadan and Hajj 2024. we tried vainly to lighten the rates compared to what was charged last year. Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates hamper pilgrims' payment for the services offered by Comerel. It is heartening, however, that our pilgrims attest that they have value for money and remain loyal to the company despite the vicissitudes of life. Even those caught in the net of false claimants to VIP Hajj services return to Comerel with feedback that encourages us and serves as solacement. 


Ours is a unique service in the industry. The VIP buses Comerel uses in Hajj operations may look like the ones used by our competitors; the model and number of seats set them apart - one is an old model, ours the latest; one has 49 seats, ours only 30. You can put your pilgrims on the Haramain High-Speed Train from Madinah to Makkah; the devil is in the class of the tickets they travel. Whoever claims to offer Comerel standard services should be prepared to

  1. Perfect Meet and Greet at airports,

  2. ensure timely arrival of buses in all movements, especially on the 10th of Zulhijjah on the return journey to Minaa,

  3. provide proper meals (not even Nigerian cuisine) and beverages in Arafah and Muzdalifah,

  4. arrange adequate transportation for its pilgrims leaving to Makkah on the 12th of Zulhijjah after the ritual and

  5. coordinate suitable accommodation in Jeddah on the 14th of Zul Hijjah for all pilgrims with late departure dates.

The above embodies the Comerel standard, which competitors have repeatedly and lamentably failed to meet. Ask the pilgrims they serve! 


The Budget Package 

In this Brochure, we introduce the Budget Package, for Hajj 2024, which, though not a VIP arrangement, will serve more pilgrims who want a standard package at a low cost. Since it is not VIP, the Budget has three-star hotels in Makkah and Madinah (not close to the Haram), economy class tickets on the Haramain High-Speed Train and D Tents services in the Mashaa'ir. Pilgrims used to Comerel Premium options should stick to them as this package has less in common with the VIP Packages regarding services and movements in the holy territories. However, Comerel will, as much as practicable, given the rates charged, render comfortable services to pilgrims on the Budget Package. 


Finally, we thank our pilgrims for their faith in what we do and for their patronage. We welcome the new entrants to the Comerel contingent to Hajj 2024. Rest assured, whatever options you choose, VIP or Budget, it is still Comfort, Efficiency and Reliability!  

Abubakr Siddeeq Muahmmad


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