MD's Words

2020 Umrah and Hajj packages have new entrants into the options section. In Ramadan, for instance, there is the First 10 Days of Ramadan, aside from the normal Last 10 Days of Ramadan package. We wondered why people insist on going for Umrah in Ramadan only during the very expensive Last 10 Days when they could as well go at the beginning of the month at a much lesser price. One may say that the preference is due to Lailatul Qadr that may likely fall in the Last 10 Days, but that is just an opinion. Lailatul Qadr could be in any day of Ramadan including the First 10 Days. Moreover, this new package will afford those who want to celebrate the Eidul Fitr in Nigeria the chance to do so as well as have the reward of performing Umrah in Ramadan at a, comparatively, very low rate.  


Another entrant, though not completely new, is a modified version of the Deluxe Package that made its debut in Hajj 2019 with Elaf Grand Al-Majeedi in Madeenah and Le Meridien Towers in Makkah for hotel accommodation. Due to pilgrims' feedback, and in line with our policy of not allowing a complaint to be repeated a second time, Deluxe will now have Al-Haram Hotel, Madinah. Although there was no significant complaint on Al-Majeedi, we feel, in terms of proximity to Oberoi where the VIP Premium Package is housed and easier coordination of all groups, Al-Haram will be a better option. In Makkah, the Deluxe pilgrims will now be Zamzam Pullman Hotel, within the Zamzam Towers which accounts for the slight increase in the rate as they will be accommodated within the Haram itself - goodbye to the wait for the shuttle bus at the facade of Le Meridien Towers. 


On the VIP Premium side, there is the option for Daral Tauhid Intercontinental in Makkah for those who do not want to stay at Marwa Rayhaan (Rotana), but in Madeenah all shall be in the Oberoi Medina. The reasons that brought us to Rayhaan subsist, and as things stand, the Fairmont Clock Tower is still not an option as the feeding arrangement there has further deteriorated even in low seasons. That is why Daral Tauhid is introduced officially not what obtained in the past of sudden upgrades, or special bookings according to pilgrims’ request and additional payments.


In the Mashaa’ir (Minaa and Arafaat), the A-Plus and A tents shall be maintained for VIP Premium and Deluxe packages respectively, but upgrades to the A-Plus to any pilgrim on Deluxe shall be on first come first served basis and subject to availability. 


Mode of transportation between Madeenah and Makkah shall be the same, as is our custom, for all options, in so far as we are able to confirm pilgrims on air or the Haramain high-speed train. 


As the primal Hajj logistics expert in Nigeria, Comerel keeps improving efficiently and reliably on the standards of its services for the comfort of the pilgrims at all stages in the performance of their ibaadah. 

Abubakr Siddeeq Muahmmad